Motion graphics


Romska Dagen—Title sequence and graphics for one-hour special in honor of the Romani National Day. SVT, 2019.

Game On—Title sequence and graphics for a series about gaming. SVT, 2018.

Fem Fenomen (seasons 1 & 2)—Title sequence, informational motion graphics and more for series about the future of education and work. Five Corners Production, 2017+2018.

A phoenix—Title sequence for the pitch of a new Nordic-noir series 2018, (series
was not picked up).

Musikkollot—Title sequence and graphics for youth series about music. SVT, 2017.

Min Squad—Title sequence and all other graphics for a youth series. SVT, 2017.

Jenni Möter—Title sequence and titles for the series in which Swedish-Romani host Jenni Acar interviews a range of different Romani people. SVT, 2017.

Finnomani—Title sequence and titles for a show about Finland told through the point of view of two Swedish-Finns. SVT, 2016.

Tarfala—Titles for the Student Academy Award-nominated documentary Tarfala by Johannes Östergård. underlandet films & HFF-munich, 2016.