Make Your Mark—Frequent freelance work. 2019—>

House of Radon—Frequent freelance work. 2017—>

Weihenstephan—Milch und Joghurt, 2 x 30sec TVC. Wunderfilm, hamburg, 2018.

Yogagirl x 29k—Video course for mobile app. 2018.

Maggi—It’s in your hands, 3 x 30sec TVC. Publicis Group & Prodigious, Frankfurt, 2018.

Oriflame—Trend award, 30 sec TVC. Slutet är nära, 2017.


Game on—Youth series about gaming, 14 x 15min. SVT, 2018.

Fem Fenomen i Skolan—Season two of the popular series “Fem Fenomen i Arbetslivet”, this time with a focus on education, 6 x 30min. Five Corners Production & Yle, 2018.

Musikkollot—Youth series about kids at a music camp, 14 x 15min. SVT, 2017.

Fem Fenomen i Arbetslivet—Documentary series about the future of work, 6 x 30min. Five Corners Production & Yle, 2017.

Finnomani—Series about finland, told from the perspective of two Swedish-Finns, 6 x 30min. Art89 & SVT, 2016.

Kallt & Vått—Adventure series about traveling in cold places in the Nordic countries, 14 x 30min. Five Corners Production & Yle, 2014.


Every Step Counts—A personal journey through drug addiction and a 3000km walk through Europe, 1 h. Rememory Films, 2017.

Tysta Vågor—Documentary about dying fisheries in the Baltic Sea, seen through the eyes of one fisherman living on the small island of Jurmo. 26min, 2009.